Wednesday, March 7, 2007

A tribute to Buddy

A blog about the backyard wouldn't be complete without a mention of Buddy. He was a stray that became friends with our cat Jo, and would come visit her and sit outside our door for hours, day after day. We tried to trap him, and had no luck. He was too smart. So after months of gaining his trust, we started putting food inside the door, further and further each time. One day he was far enough in the house we were able to close the door. I have never seen a cat imitate a pinball before, but he sure did! He climbed the curtains and hit the ceiling a couple of times. We had to call in the experts (i.e. Kelly) to work her magic and get him in hand and calm him down. We clipped his nails and got to pet him and show him some love. It didn't end well for Buddy, it turned out he was very sick and had to be put down, but at least he didn't suffer alone outside any longer. Buddy. ? - March 19, 2006