Saturday, May 29, 2010

First Baby Sighting of the Season!!!

Stubby has three adorable little kits!! Apparently we were wrong about her having them the other night, no way they are only a few days old. More like a few weeks. Tonight she brought them to our yard for the first time (that we know of) and they were here for a couple hours. Mostly they stayed in the pond area - the dark side of the yard so any kind of photos were impossible. I lured them over to the door area with some kitten food and was lucky enough to get a few shots through the glass. (Shooting through glass into the dark is a challenge to say the least, so in a few days when I can open the door without them freaking out better pictures will be on the way!) When they were playing in the yard I did sneak outside to get a few shots of them, and already Stubby must have let them know we were cool cause they just basically looked at me and kept on about their business. Stubby's babies are always the best. We are so happy to see them, and really looking forward to a summer of fun. :)

Already so brave!

This one is good for a size comparison....

"'Cuz me... you got any of dez crackers I bin hearin' about?"

Friday, May 28, 2010

The Cracker Grab

Stubby and Oliver

Friends? Maybe. But we will never know for sure.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Stubby has Babies!

Ok, this is the theory. Stubby was very slow, sluggish and fat last night. When she choose to lay down and nap instead of going immediately for the crackers was a little odd. Tonight she was back to her usual energy and looks much lighter. I think she had her babies last night. I was kind of hoping she might have them in our yard, but no... she had them wherever she lives. I can't wait to see them!!

The Cracker Whores

So far this spring two things are clear. One: Stubby and Little One come to spend time in our yard every night. Two: They are extremely spoiled and love crackers! There is no shame in the begging that they silently do for the square little pieces of snack heaven.

Imagine you come downstairs and as you walk past the door, this is what you see:

Adorable no? And what does she want? Crackers! I do also think she would love to join our tribe of cats and come inside and be one of them, but for now - she will settle for square tasty goodness.

Stubby was the first visitor tonight, but shortly after her arrival, before she even wanted crackers, she needed a few zzzzz's.

They are often in the yard at the same time. Stubby does her share of growling, and they do tussle from time to time, but as long as the food is plentiful, they have a truce. (Stubby is on the left, Little one on the right)

Monday, May 10, 2010

Stubby Loves a Cracker!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Say Hello to our little friend

And when you say it... you need to do the DeNiro accent like he did in the movie... you know... or was it Pacino? Either way. Say hello to our little friend!

Cracker Man hands out some treats and just gets a little curious love.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Nightly Visits .... update

Here is the other sweet little raccoon that comes every night. She REALLY likes graham crackers and will sit in the door for hours with a sad face until she gets some. We ran out a few nights ago so she has been enjoying Cheerios and Mighty Bits.

Stubby doesn't wait for the cover of night

The past few weeks we have two regular visitors who spend pretty much the whole night hanging out in our yard - eating and napping. Of course there is Stubby, who has been coming even before dark. She sits by the door and patiently waits for us to notice her. Later in the evening there is a sweet little thing, who I think is either one of Stubby's babies from last year, or one of Sweeties. She really likes to park herself on the mat by the door as well. I need to get some pictures of her....perhaps tonight.

NOTE: It's not still light enough out for me to get a good shot of her without the flash. If she moves at all, she gets blurry - which frustrates me, but have you ever been able to get a raccoon to sit still!?