Thursday, May 6, 2010

Stubby doesn't wait for the cover of night

The past few weeks we have two regular visitors who spend pretty much the whole night hanging out in our yard - eating and napping. Of course there is Stubby, who has been coming even before dark. She sits by the door and patiently waits for us to notice her. Later in the evening there is a sweet little thing, who I think is either one of Stubby's babies from last year, or one of Sweeties. She really likes to park herself on the mat by the door as well. I need to get some pictures of her....perhaps tonight.

NOTE: It's not still light enough out for me to get a good shot of her without the flash. If she moves at all, she gets blurry - which frustrates me, but have you ever been able to get a raccoon to sit still!?

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