Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Cracker Whores

So far this spring two things are clear. One: Stubby and Little One come to spend time in our yard every night. Two: They are extremely spoiled and love crackers! There is no shame in the begging that they silently do for the square little pieces of snack heaven.

Imagine you come downstairs and as you walk past the door, this is what you see:

Adorable no? And what does she want? Crackers! I do also think she would love to join our tribe of cats and come inside and be one of them, but for now - she will settle for square tasty goodness.

Stubby was the first visitor tonight, but shortly after her arrival, before she even wanted crackers, she needed a few zzzzz's.

They are often in the yard at the same time. Stubby does her share of growling, and they do tussle from time to time, but as long as the food is plentiful, they have a truce. (Stubby is on the left, Little one on the right)

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Anonymous said...

It is amazing she feels so comfortable as to lay down for sleep right there. Can't wait to see baby photos.