Saturday, May 29, 2010

First Baby Sighting of the Season!!!

Stubby has three adorable little kits!! Apparently we were wrong about her having them the other night, no way they are only a few days old. More like a few weeks. Tonight she brought them to our yard for the first time (that we know of) and they were here for a couple hours. Mostly they stayed in the pond area - the dark side of the yard so any kind of photos were impossible. I lured them over to the door area with some kitten food and was lucky enough to get a few shots through the glass. (Shooting through glass into the dark is a challenge to say the least, so in a few days when I can open the door without them freaking out better pictures will be on the way!) When they were playing in the yard I did sneak outside to get a few shots of them, and already Stubby must have let them know we were cool cause they just basically looked at me and kept on about their business. Stubby's babies are always the best. We are so happy to see them, and really looking forward to a summer of fun. :)

Already so brave!

This one is good for a size comparison....

"'Cuz me... you got any of dez crackers I bin hearin' about?"

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Lenny said...

wow! the kits are soooo cute. i love the pictures and can't wait to see more. they look real healthy and its neat that theyre not scared of you.