Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Eviction (a few years ago)

Now I have to say - I am all for the raccoons hanging around. Raccoons have been coming through our yard ever since we moved here, about 7 years ago. We've watched babies play in the grass, climb the trees, etc. I was even ok with one living in our chimney. We knew he was living in there for months...until I found some raccoon pee and a feather coming down into the house. It was time for him to relocate. We called a chimney guy and when he came to cap the chimney, sure enough - Rocky was home. In order to get him out, my husband Bill and the chimney guy had to blast him out by playing really loud rap music through a boom box. He eventually shuffled up the chimney and off the roof. I still feel bad about doing this to him, but it was too unsanitary to let it continue. The next day he tried to get back in, I felt horrible, he gave us the stink eye from the roof. I hope he's still in the neighborhood.

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