Sunday, April 10, 2011

An Overdue Update

It's been a long time since I've posted anything, but in the winter it's all pretty status quo. Stubby comes almost every night. Like tonight, waiting by the door and knowing we will see her and fill her bowl. She is just the sweetest old coon. I hope she has a bunch of kits this year because we always have such a good time with her babies!!

She looks so mean when she crunches, but she is really the farthest thing from it!

Then she tells a joke and has a good laugh....

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Lenny Lee* said...

wow if been pretty long that you posted some pictures. these are cool. i hope she has a bunch of kits cause it so fun watching them play and learn and its cool how the mom takes good care of them. i still got bunch of them coming round to the critter cafe and cashew come in the kitchen and up on the table every night. he loves strawberry jam. im real happy you did a post cause i missed you.
...hugs from lenny