Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Possum

Life is tough. Take friends where you can get them.

I wouldn't have imagined this scenario would work out so well. These are a couple of Stubby's babies, so maybe it's because they are the coolest most laid back raccoons in the world, or maybe they always get along with possums. In any case the newest visitor to our yard seems to be welcome. Sweet huh?


Anonymous said...

Hello Grape Lady!!
My name is Patto from Bangkok,Thailand.I have visited your blog so often but I just feeled like I have to introduce myself as your fan now.Your blog have shown me that this world is still beautiful and we all still can be friend with nature, even situation here is so difficult but still there is a little place for me and your raccoons to enjoy. :)

The Grape Lady said...

Hi Patto - Thanks for the comment! It's nice to know who is visiting the page. I enjoy our raccoons so much. It's been a tough winter for them, but I know a few are pregnant again, and I am looking forward to meeting new families of babies again soon. It's a tough world out there, I just try and help them the little bit that I can. Best - Grape Lady