Saturday, March 6, 2010

Spring is Coming

It's been awhile since I've updated the blog, but not too much activity has been going on. There are still nightly visits various characters, Stubby, a couple of Stubby's babies that are all grown up, and a few other. Stubby still comes and sits looking right into door if there isn't any food out for her. Two nights ago she napped in the yard for a long time.

There have been a couple of badly injured raccoons that have come through. We had ALOT of rain a few weeks ago, which is rare for us, and it's been rough on my furry friends. I know they have a strong capacity to heal and hope that they do.

It's almost kit time again! Stubby is most definitely pregnant as is one of the other mothers I see frequently. I haven't seen Giggles mom in awhile, but if I was the betting kind I would put some money on her as well.

No pictures today, but will try and get some soon.

Thanks to Patto in Thailand for the nice comment today! It reminded me that a few people are out there reading and checking up on my raccoons. I can't leave you hanging. :)


Lenny said...

hi im lenny. i got on your blog cause someone who knows i love raccoons told me about it. it makes me happy that you love them too. we feed them every night from our critter cafe and we give them cookie treats. they like the sandwich ones and pull them apart and lick the icing and then drop the rest in the water before they eat them. we got a possum who eats out of my brothers hand and she is called blossom. we got a fox and a wild cat and some coyotes that eat at the cafe. all of them love cookies. im gonna keep coming back to look at your blog cause its really neat. im starting one and some time im gonna write stuff about raccoons too and all the animals. thanks for caring about the coonies. hugs from lenny

Anonymous said...

hello... hapi blogging... have a nice day! just visiting here....