Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Humpty Dumpty

"Hey, someone is here!" Cracker Man calls out from downstairs.... Oh good, I think to myself. It's been too long. I wonder who it is. Turns out to be Stubby and her six pack - extra great! So I see five of them, who start snacking on food and crackers, but there is alot of chattering going on. It doesn't stop. Then, as if to say "Hey, I hear my brother crying - please help him!!" This one gives us the message.

So, thankfully our neighbors are very cool, and already outside because of the noise. We grab the gloves and head over. Stubby and the rest of the kids come back on the wall to see what is going on. Well, apparently one of the babies fell off the wall, and can't get back up. Looks like the leg is injured a bit, and no vines to grab. He was crying, and you could tell Stubby wanted to help, but didn't know what to do. Cracker Man goes over to the kit, who totally seems to recognize and trust him, picks him up and puts him back on the wall. He hobbles over to Mom and the rest of the kids, then collaspes with exhaustion for a little rest. After a few moments, they all come back over to our house, and down into the yard. Right now they are all sleeping in the pond and getting their strength back. It feels so good that they know it's safe here. I just hope we aren't left with a baby raccoon in need of medical attention tonight!

Watching and waiting...

You MUST click on the full size image (above) to see the wounded raccoons face with his little tongue hanging out.

UPDATE: The group has moved on, and there seem to be no stragglers, so that is a good sign. Giggles Mom is in the backyard enjoying some crackers. Haven't seen her in awhile!

UPDATE: 12:28 a.m. When it rains, it pours! After days of hardly any visits, right now we have both Sweetie and her 3, and Stubby and five of hers, on opposite sides of the yard. It does appear that Stubby only had five kits tonight (perhaps she took the wounded one home to rest?) Hard to know for sure. Hopefully all six will reappear soon.

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