Friday, July 17, 2009

Fight Night

Maybe it's my fault. I didn't fill up the food containers before we went out because they were wet, and I wanted them to dry out. It was about 9:30 when we returned, and Stubby and the six pack were waiting by the door, hands on the glass, one baby was fainting of hunger to make his point. Frankly, it was adorable! I opened the door to put the food out and was trampled like Black Friday at Walmart by six cute little faces. I poured the food and the frezy began. All were being their sweet charming little selves. Then I noticed they were looking at the corner where Sweetie and her family always come from. Before I could really tell what was happening, Stubby attacked a little baby and shook him around in her mouth quite viciously. I was horrified! I think it must have been Snapper, who was just excited and running up to the door to get a cracker. I rushed outside to stop the scuffle, the moms were then at it. I put food in two separate corners of the yard. They each ate for a little bit, and now the yard is quiet. I hope they come back tonight so I can see that the little one is ok. I am very dissappointed in Stubby. That really wasn't necessary.

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