Sunday, August 12, 2007

Time for a Nap

I was sort of hoping the kids wouldn't come by tonight. I worry about them becoming too dependant and losing their fear of humans. But just about the time I started to worry about them....they came bopping in the frame on the raccoon-cam! I watched them for a few minutes, took a few pictures, but didn't feed them any berries or anything from the house. Then I let them play on their own for awhile and went back upstairs. About a half hour later all the cats went over to the sliding door by the patio, and I checked it out. Sure enough, three babies had climbed up the tree and were trying to get in to play with their kitty friends! When I checked on them a few minutes later, they were curled up and sleeping on the balcony. Adorable.

It is really hard not to go out and full on play with them and touch them. But I don't want them to lose their fear completely, it's a struggle. They want to play and have fun so badly. I threw out a cat toy (a stuffed Sylvester head with a bell on it) the other night and one of them grabbed it and ran to the yard and for at least an hour made the bell shake constantly. He LOVED it. But I had to go out and get it, I was afraid the neighbors would get annoyed.

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