Saturday, August 4, 2007

I may need professional help

But I don't think so really. Just because I'm up at 2:54AM waiting and watching on the "coon-cam" for the raccoons to come - that's not weird is it?! My friend Kelly brought them a little wading pool today, and I don't want to miss seeing them discover it. They are just fun and cute, those six little babies. So open and friendly. Not jaded and guarded like the adults. I worry about them out in the city. I just want to give them a little peace and place to feel safe - our yard. They could move in if they wanted to, I would love it. No worries of cars, traps, mean people or coyotes. Anyway, they did come last night for a party, they really wanted to come in. I really want to let them. Sigh. Here are some pictures.

This one is a little cut-up. Here he is doing his impression of Templeton the rat from Charlottes Web.

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