Thursday, August 9, 2007

Wednesday Night

NORM! Stubby was back again. He's a regular on the early rotation. And it was a RACCON-A-PALOOZA last night! A total of eleven raccoons came through the yard. Not surprisingly, the first visitor was good reliable Stubbs. Then we had a lone female, who I'm now calling Gracie, came by. Not as skiddish as the one that was here last night. I was able to open the door and take pictures of her.

Of course Mouse Mouse the rat made an appearance or two. Still no babies, so I decided to call it a night and went to sleep about about 2:30am. But wait! At 3:15 there arose such a clatter, I sprang from my bed to see what was the matter.... It was the Giggles (from the header) group!

The mom and 3 babies. Haven't seen them in at least a couple weeks. They hung out for a few minutes, but mom was growling and obviously unsettled. At one point we had 5 raccoons in the yard, two sparring camps! Gracie had returned and brought her buddy George. Mom was not happy about that at all. Now here is the thing about George, he should have been called Stubby because his tail is truly stubby. This is George:

Maybe Stubby should have been called Skinner, but it's too late now and Stubby is Stubby and George will be George. Anyway, one of the babies faces looks ALOT like Stubby or George. Hmmmmmm.

Who's there?

They had a little tussle, and mom and her babies retreated up the back wall and out of sight. Bummer. (not that I don't like the other raccoons, but the babies - both the set of 3 and the 6-pack are by far my favorites!)

So George and Gracie had some more snack, took a dip and moved on.

Moments later...babies bumbled into the yard! At first I thought it was the set of 3 that had R-U-N-O-F-T. But it became clear that it was four of my six pack! The little charmers, the smallest set of the babies. They ate and played and charmed my socks off.

The sun was starting to come up when they left, and we started to close up and head to bed. But wait, there is someone on the back wall... Stubby! Back for a nightcap. What a night. A five food scooper.


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