Monday, August 6, 2007

A Special Guest

Well, it's been three or four nights now and no visit from the baby raccoons. We have a new awesome wading pool (thanks Kelly!) waiting for them and they don't have the manors to show up and use it. The last couple nights we've had a few lone males come by for a bite to eat - Stubby and one other one. The other one did get in the pool for a moment, but just had a drink, he didn't play. However tonight we did have a special visitor...

Surprisingly he was not at all interested in the Provolone cheese I left for him.

And after the rat left (I should say in between, because he came back several times) we had a visitor from a very shy young female. I could tell from the tentative way she approached the food and the door that if I tried to open the door to take pictures, she would have been off like a shot. So I took a few through the door. Good thing I cleaned the glass! She enjoyed a snack and a quick dip in the pool before moving on.

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