Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Finally ... some action

Is that just the way? After several back to back visits from the six pack last week, I got to the store to stock up on grapes, graham crackers and marshmellows for them - they don't show up for days! I still haven't seen them, except for Ralphie, the baby who likes to forage on his own and is very serious about his food. So serious I bounced a grape right off his forehead and he just gave me a disgusted look.

Last night the other mom and three babies came by. (Giggles, the youngster in the Raccoon Chronicles header grapic and his family) They are getting so big it's hard to call them babies anymore, they are full fledged teens. They enjoyed a snack, but mostly were interested in playing in the yard and digging up the sod. Ok. Whatever floats your boat.

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